Posted by: a2cristina | March 23, 2010



  1. Will you go away at Easter? If so, for how long? Where will you go?

2. What is the best holiday you have ever had? Were you at home? Abroad? Why was it special?

3. What do you look for in holiday?

  • Peace?
  • Excitement?
  • Action?
  • Rest?
  • Sun?
  • Activity?
  • Exercise?
  • Social contacts?
  • Entertainment? The nightlife?
  • Culture?
  • The accommodation?
  • The landscape?
  • The cost of the holiday?
  • The tourist facilities?
  • Other?

4. Think about a place you have been to that you would describe as…

  • Amazing
  • Disgusting
  • Run down
  • Appealing (attractive or interesting)
  • Dusty
  • Windy
  • Eerie (strange in a frightening and mysterious way)
  • Threatening
  • Magical
  • Unique
  • remarkable

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