Posted by: a2cristina | March 23, 2010



1: What does Q supply James Bond with?

2. Boothroyd said he liked everything about James Bond except what?

3. Q’s deadly briefcase was a ____________  ___________ with audiences.

4. What are some of the features of the world’s deadliest car?

5. Who is the baby rocket useful for?

6. What, according to Lewis Gilbert, is one of the most difficult things for an actor to do?

7. What would Roger Moore write with the script girl?

8. What, according to Roger Moore, did Desmond hate?

From: Sean Scurfield


  1. Deadly devices
  2. His deplorable taste in weapons
  3. Huge hit

–          revolving number plates

–          smoke screen

–          oil slick

–          rear bullet-proof screen

–          left and right front wing machine guns

–          ejector seat

  1. People who smoke too many cigarettes.
  2. To give a long diatribe about some mechanical thing
  3. Gobbledygook dialogue
  4. The thought of wearing shorts

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