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To lose one’s temper (with sby): To fail / manage to control your anger. Perder los estribos.

To blow a fuse: Informal. To get very angry. Salirse de sus casillas.

To get worked up: Informal. To make sb/yourself reach a state of great excitement, anger, etc. Ponerse como loco, disgustarse.

To become irate: Very angry. Indignarse, airado, furioso.

To seethe with anger: To feel very angry but to be unable or unwilling to express it clearly or openly. Estar furioso, hervirte la sangre.

To be cross: To be annoyed, angry. Enfadado, enojado.

A heated argument: A discussion full of anger and excitement.  Una discusión acalorada.

To go berserk: To be very angry and out of control. Desquiciado, frenético, ponerse hecho una furia.

To blow one’s top: informal. To become extremely angry. Explotar, ponerse como una fiera.

To fly into a rage: To suddenly become very angry. Ponerse hecho una furia, montar en cólera.

An outburst of temper: A sudden strong expression of anger. Un arranque / arrebato de ira.

To let off steam: To do or say sthg that helps you to get rid of strong feelings or energy. Desahogarse, dar rienda suelta a su indignación o energía.

To throw / to have a tantrum: Tener una pataleta, rabieta, un berrinche.

To scream one’s head off: (informal) to scream a lot and very loudly.  Berrear.

To scream blue murder: to scream loudly and for a long time, especially in order to protest about sthg. Poner el grito en el cielo.

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