Posted by: a2cristina | November 30, 2011




  1. Are you often pressed for time?
  2. If so, what do you do in order to gain or save time?
  3. Do you draw up a timetable with a list of chores / jobs to do on a daily basis, and then prioritise them?
  4. In your opinion, what household activities are more time-consuming[1]?
  5. Do you prioritise ruthlessly[2], deciding which tasks you have to accomplish that day?
  6. Do you stick to your priorities, no matter what happens?
  7. Do you try to anticipate so that you can schedule your tasks better?
  8. Do you delegate responsibilities as far as possible?
  9. Do you set yourself rigorous time limits for tasks, and stick to them?



[1] Time-Consuming: Requiring significant amounts of time.

[2] Ruthlessly: in a determined and firm way. TASK: TO UNDERTAKE A TASK, TO CARRY IT OUT, TO PERFORM, TO TACKLE, TO ACCOMPLISH



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