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1.    Goya’s output included almost no religious art. True or false?

2.    Goya was born in…

a.    Fuendetodos (Zaragoza)                 c. Fuentevaqueros (Granada)

b.    Madrid                                          d. Orihuela (Alicante)

3.    Goya submitted entries for theRoyal Academy of Fine Arts in 1763 and 1766, but was denied entrance. True or false?

4.    He first achieved fame after painting designs for the Royal Tapestry Factory. True or false.

5.    Goya started painted for royalty at the court of…

a.    Charles V          b. Ferdinand VII     c. Charles III          d. Isabel II

6.    At some time between late 1792 and early 1793, a serious illness, whose exact nature is not known, left Goya…

a.    dumb               b. deaf                  c. Deaf and dumb   d. bald

7.    In 1798 he painted the cupola of…

a.    Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida c. la Almudena

b.    St Peter’s                                                                   d. la Sagrada Familia

8.    In which painting did Goya seek to commemorate Spanish resistance to Napoleon’s   armies?

a.     Los Caprichos                               c. Los fusilamientos del dos de mayo.

b.    Saturn devouring his son                 d. The parasol

9.    What is the name of the painting, first owned by Godoy, and which depicts a naked woman?

10.  The subversive and imaginative elements in Goya’s art  greatly influenced Picasso. True or false?

11.  Goya died in…

a.    Madrid              b. Zaragoza           c. Paris                  Bordeaux

12.  He is buried in…

A.    San Antonio de la Florida               b. Basilica del Pilar

B.    The Pantheon   in Paris                  d. The Pantheon in Madrid




1. True.

2. a.

3. True.

4. True.

5. c.

6. b.

7. a.

8. c.

9. The Naked Maja.

10. True.

11. Bordeaux.

12. a.


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