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To be entitled: [often passive] entitle sby to sthg to give sby the right to have or to do sthg.

To feature: to include a particular person or thing as a special feature. To have an important part in sthg.

To chart: to record or follow the progress or development of sby/sthg.

Individual: a person considered separately rather than as part of a group.

To broadcast: to send out programmes on television or radio.

Update: to make sthg more modern by adding new parts, etc..

Instalment: one of the parts of a story that appears regularly over a period of time in a newspaper, on television, etc.

Barrister: a lawyer in Britain who has the right to argue cases in the higher courts of law.

Up and down: sometimes good and sometimes bad

To achieve: to succeed in reaching a particular goal, status or standard, especially by making an effort for a long time.

Ill-at-ease: feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Sense of purpose: meaning that is important and valuable to you.

Coach: (BrE) a comfortable bus for carrying passengers over long distances.

Rough: having a surface that is not even or regular. Not exact.

To weather: to change, or make sthg change, colour or shape because of the effect of the sun, rain or wind

To bear testimony to: a thing that shows that sthg else exists or is true.

State benefits: the money given by the government to people who need financial help, for example because they cannot find a job.

Whilst: while, whereas.

To turn out: to be discovered to be; to prove to b.

To map out: to plan or arrange sthg in a careful or detailed way.

To acknowledge: to accept that sthg is true.

Undoubtedly: used to emphasize that sthg exists or is definitely true.

To benefit FROM

To provide FOR

Lad: (old-fashioned or informal, BrE) a boy or young man.

To get on in life: to be successful in your career, etc.

Wellbeing: general health and happiness.

Barn: a large farm building for storing grain or keeping animals in.

To set up: to establish. To build sthg or put sthg somewhere.

Concern: a feeling of worry, especially one that is shared by many people.

Uncomfortable ABOUT

Close scrutiny: (formal) careful and thorough examination. Examen riguroso.

Bonus: an extra amount of money that is added to a payment, especially to sby’s wages as a reward. Anything pleasant that is extra and more or better than you were expecting.




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