Posted by: a2cristina | November 17, 2015

The Great Exodus – Cloze Test



Every day, thousands of refugees 0) __________ for Europe. Their hopes for a new life are greater than their fear of the passage across the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s springtime, and again, refugees are making their way to Europe. The reasons are manifold: poverty – often abject poverty -, no education, no chance of a job. Then there are dictatorships, despots, torture, persecution, oppression, civil wars, regular wars and often a failed state 1) __________ marauding gangs reign.

Sheer hardship and a sense of hopelessness are 2) __________ drives people to flee their homes; to try for a new life in a foreign country, hoping for a modicum of luck. They come 3) __________ many countries, including Eritrea, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – that’s not even mentioning the internal migration in crisis areas.

An 4) __________ 50 million refugees are on the move. Their odyssey is perilous and often ends in death because they don’t try to undertake the journey on their 5) __________ but rely on smugglers to take them to the land of their hopes. The routes are often anything but straightforward, say from Syria via Turkey to Algeria, 6) __________ the desert to Libya, and then on a boat to the continent of hope: Europe. 7) __________ they are abandoned by the boat’s crew and drown. This modern-day slave trade has become a billion-dollar business – brutal and cynical.

The refugees that 8) __________ it to Europe are crammed into emergency shelters, sometimes they receive medical care, and often they face deportation within just a short period of time. Or they go underground and try to survive and even feed their families by 9) __________ on illegal, often dishonorable jobs and unskilled labour.

Some receive support and help from their own families, others are backed by volunteers who come to the newcomers’ aid. Yet 10) __________ depend on the goodwill of the states that grant them asylum. And many, very many, must return to the poverty and hopelessness they fled.


Adapted from © Alexander Kudascheff.

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